Great sound depends on quality speakers. Drake trusts his events to QSC, the best in class for mobile sound. DJ Drake uses QSC K10 tops and a  QSC KW181 Powered Subwoofer for very deep bass.

Drake’s tool of choice for mixing precision:  TRAKTOR KONTROL S4.


This can be the icing on the cake of your next event. Great uplighting can completely transform the look and mood of a room, architectural fixture or product.  Contact Drake to discuss an easy and affordable way to add more pop to your next event. Dance floor lighting can be as simple as a few lasers and a strobe light, to an elaborate downtown club feel for your next big party.  We have the tools and contacts to help you fulfill your vision of a vibrant party.  Call today for ideas and a custom package.


DJ Drake’s equipment is not only the best, but also protected with thousands of dollars in insurance.  Additional equipment is kept close at hand in case anything happens to the performing components.